New approach to the integration of collaborative tools for teaching English in polylingual groups

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Год написания: 2018.

Специальность (дисциплина): Иностранная филология.

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1 English teaching basics in polylingual classes 

1.1 The concept of polylingualism and its role in the formation of socio-cultural competences. lingual education organization in the education system

1.2 English teaching analysis in polylingual classes in Kazakhstan 

1.3 Collaborative tools for English teaching classes 

2 Prospects for English language teaching development in polylingual classes with the help of integrated tools 

2.1 The integrated methodology of a foreign language and other academic disciplines teaching, as a basis for English language development in polylingual classes

2.2 General requirements for the integrated polylingual lesson development 

2.3 Results of integrated project activities as English language developing means of students





Выдержка из работы

The aim of the work is to consider modern opportunities for using integrated English language teaching in polylingual classes. 

To achieve this goal, we have defined the following tasks: 

  •  to consider the role and place of polylingualism in the formation of socio-cultural competences; to study the peculiarities of the polylingual education organization in the education system; to note the importance of English in polylingual education; 

  • to analyze the teaching languages standards in the polylingual environment; to evaluate the polylingual projects used in English teaching in Kazakhstan; to identify the problems of polylingual education in Kazakhstan; 

  • to determine the main perspectives of English teaching development in polylingual classes with the help of integrated tools; to show the basic requirements for the integrated polylingual lesson development; to evaluate the integrated project designed for the English development of in polyglot classes. 

The subject of the study is the integrated English teaching in polylingualism conditions. 

The subject of the study is the methods of integrated learning in mastering English language in polylingual classes.